Kyla McCallum
Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Student, Master of Library and Information Science
BA in New Media and Digital Design

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Created for a semester-long project in Human-Information Interaction. This app was created to respond to the housing needs of survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). A group of four read through the literature related to survivors' informational needs; based on this research, the group created the idea for Grocery List. Kyla was the sole creator of the Figma prototype, although the design choices were collaborative.

Important Note for the Prototype: When you first click through the protoype, you will be introduced to the app via a tutorial. On step 3, this tutorial will ask you to create a password to access the secret plan-making interface underneath the grocery list. Kyla is on the free, student version of Figma, and thus, she is not given access to the tools that would allow her to program password creation into the prototype. To continue to the next frame of the tutorial, create a password that ends with "Broccoli." The checkmark next to "Broccoli" is Figma's signal to move to the next frame. This note will make more sense once you have arrived at Tutorial Step 3.